Susie in Monterey @ Crown & Anchor (Taken with instagram)

Susie in Monterey @ Crown & Anchor (Taken with instagram)





Seagull Nebula


The latest episode in PBS’s excellent Off Book series explores the explosion of animated GIFs as a creative medium some 25 years after the invention of the GIF format itself. Previous episodes have explored typography, papercraft, product design, and generative art, among other creative disciplines. 

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The Fabric of the Cosmos with Brian Greene: Watch the Complete NOVA Series Online

Forget about inclined planes and pulleys. In this series from the PBS program NOVA, physics is presented as an exotic, mind-bending realm.

The Fabric of the Cosmos, first broadcast in November, follows up on the 2003 Peabody Award-winning The Elegant Universe. Both series are adapted from the best-selling books of host Brian Greene, a mathematician and physicist at Columbia University.

How To Paint On iPad (by cartoonblock)

Age 13, A Melodramatic 1955 Educational Film About a Grieving Teen

(via John Nack on Adobe : Video: I’m Crushing Your Head (kinda))

The Embers - I walked all night (by NovocainRush)

This disturbing song was released back in the 60’s. It was later on covered by another disturbing band called “The Cramps”.